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Shills Professionals Glue-off Nail Glue Remover – 10g

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Shills Professionals 10g Adhesive Glue Professional Acrylic Nail Art Tips Décor Manicure Tool.

This glue-off remover is gentle on natural nails and helps to dissolve nail glue in minutes without pain, then you can nudge the false nails off softly

Damage False Nail Tips: This false nails remover doesn’t damage your natural nails but it will damage the false nails or the press-on nails. So Providing instructions for a process. Providing
How to Use Nail Glue Remover
1. Apply nail glue remover to all the edges of the nails

2. Apply glue remover between nails and nail tips

3. Use a wooden nail sticker to lift a gap gently, and keep it stay

4. Drop a few nail glue removers in the gap and wait 3-4 minutes, this step needs time to dissolve the false nails, so please be patient

5. Repeat dropping the glue off in the gap. Until the nail tips dissolve completely and can be easily removed

6. Remove the false nails slightly.




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