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Shills Professional Pro Bond Acid Free Gel Nail Primer 15ml

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Shills Professional Pro Bond Acid Free Gel Nail Primer.

  • For a perfect nail gel polish adhesion, start with our Acid-Free Primer that removes oil and grease from the nail plate, preventing peeling. Simply apply the primer directly to your natural nail and let it air dry for 60 seconds – no need to cure.
  • Shills Professional’s Gel Polish is highly pigmented, delivering a smooth and long-lasting finish. It is available on top and does not chip, fade, or dull over time. Made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, it is free from poisonous and pungent chemicals, making it suitable for both professional salons and customers.
  • Shills Professional Nail Primer Gel is a long-lasting variant made up of methacrylate polymer. To use, apply the Shills Professional UV / LED Soak Off Gel Polish on the Base Coat or Structure Gel, avoiding direct application on natural nails. The gel must be cured with LED or UV light systems and finished with a top coat. For professional use only, keep out of reach of children. LED curing time is 1 minute, while UV curing time is 2 minutes (darker colors require 3 minutes).



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