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Shills Professional Divine Nail Art LED/UV Lamp

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Shills Professional 120W UV/LED Nail Lamp is the ultimate solution for achieving quick nail drying. With its sleek white design, this nail lamp combines convenience and practicality, making it suitable for both professional and household use. Experience the professional-grade performance of our nail lamp and enjoy perfectly dried nails in no time.

The Real 120W power, is the highest LED nail lamp on the market. Help you dry nail gel and gel polish 2x faster than normal nail dryers. This 120W UV nail lamp with 36 UV/LED dual lights.

LCD Display & 4 Timers: Our UV lamp for gel nails have a large LCD showing the nail drying time and clarifying your curing process. Lightly touch the button on the top of the UV nail lamp, and you can quickly switch different timers which can meet all your needs for gel nail curing.




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