Rica Aloe vera Wax – 800 ML

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This wax is made from natural ingredients like aloe vera and is enriched with olive oil and argan oil. This formula is less painful and more comfortable specifically for the bikini zone and faces.
PROTECTS YOUR SKIN: It protects the skin from after-wax damage and prevents the skin from drying too. Even the coarsest hair from sensitive and fragile areas is removed with this mild solution. You can easily get rid of your body hair with this wax.
LONG-LASTING SMOOTHNESS: It’s a safe and sure method to remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas as it is gentle on the skin, removes hair from the root, and offers the perfect waxing results.
HOW TO APPLY: For best results, apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Take an adequate amount of wax on a table knife, and spread it evenly over the target area. Press the wax strip firmly then pull the strip swiftly in the opposite direction.
SUITABLE FOR: This wax is suitable for all types of skin and is easy to apply. It is specially used for bikini areas, upper lips, eyebrows, facial hair, and other sensitive areas. It is an ideal wax for hair removal at home for both men and women and all kinds of skin and hair types.




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