Make-up Studio Face It Cream Foundation – Carribean

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The Make-up Studio Face It Cream Foundation can do everything! This highly pigmented foundation is a real must-have. For a natural look, you apply it wafer-thin, If you want more coverage, no problem, you can easily build it up to full coverage.

The Face It Cream Foundation has strong pigmentation and extreme coverage. This foundation easily covers all unevenness on your skin. Also great to use for contouring and camouflage. Tip: Powder off with the Translucent Powder for optimum fixation of the foundation.


How to Apply?

“Apply the Face it Cream foundation with a foundation brush, sponge, or moist beauty blender. For a natural result, it is best to use a foundation brush. A sponge or beauty blender provides a more covering end result. For a good shelf life on the skin, we advise to powder the foundation with a transparent powder.”


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