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Kryolan Translucent Powder 20g – TL5

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Kryolan Translucent Powder 20g.

Translucent Powder is a setting powder for full coverage cream and fluid foundations. Developed with a large amount of modified rice starch, the ingredients have been specifically designed to ensure optimal absorption qualities which increase durability on a high-performance level. Therefore, making it suitable for full coverage foundations or those containing a high amount of oils. It’s the perfect setting powder for professional use and equally as effective for everyday full coverage make-ups. Translucent Powder has a matt finish and is incredibly long lasting. The powder comes in translucent as well as a variety of tinted options in order to warm or cool the foundations slightly where necessary. Apply Translucent Powder with a powder puff and remove the excess with a powder brush followed by a buffing brush to polish.




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