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Beili Professional Makeup Brushes, Natural Goat Hair,30pcs

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Belli Professional Set Of Brushes, 30 Pcs |

These Brushes Are So Diverse That They Can Be Used For Literally All Makeup Essentials. Use Them For Cream, Liquid, Or Powder Makeup.From Blush Brushes To Contouring Brushes | High density fluffy bristle, soft but firm to hold makeup. No shedding. Premium synthetic Brush provide an incredible touch and feel.

Durable wooden handles and ferrules ensure the durability and grip feel of the brushes.
Cover all types of brushes, ideally for applying, blending and shading products, easy and convenient for daily use.

Package Contents: foundation brush*5 blush brush*2 powder brush*2 fan brush*2 concealer*2 brow&liner brush*4 contour brush*2 blending brush*5 eyeshadow brush*6




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