Astaberry Skin Brightening Facial Kit

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Everybody desires to get flawless skin with a clear complexion. Well, you can see it fulfilled with the best facial kit for skin whitening from Astaberry. Astaberry develops all its products based on the principles of Ayurveda, which are beneficial for your skin, leaving fewer or no side effects. The rich and moisturizing products included in this kit will clarify your uneven complexion and also prevent the occurrence of age spots. The appearance of dark spots and pigmentation will reduce as you start using this Skin Whitening Kit from Astaberry. The moisturizers will deeply penetrate the epidermal region of the skin, diminishing all impurities and giving you a spotless complexion. Skin Whitening Facial Cleanser 5 g * 12, Skin Whitening Exfoliating Scrub 6 g * 12, Skin Whitening Hydrating Gel 5 g * 12, Skin Whitening Massage Crème 7 g * 12, Skin Whitening Relaxing Mask 10 g * 12, Skin Whitening Serum 3 g * 12




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